Patrick Mueller

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CTO & Co-Founder


Board Member



Munich, March 2020

Founders Institute

"Building a Product as a Startup"

Munich, October 2019

Hackathon @ Medientage München

Moderation and Co-Organizer

Munich, July 2019

JS Craft Camp

"Using Bluetooth LE in your Browser"

Munich, June 2019

TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute

"Prototyping as a Hardware Startup"

Munich, June 2019

Fittech Summit

"Do it yourself: How to build a smart medical device and survive"

Munich, March 2019

Founders Institute

"Building a Product as a Startup"

Dresden, November 2018

Startup Weekend Dresden

"HowTo win a Startup Weekend"

Munich, Oktober 2018

Startup Safari

"Prototype Everything"

Munich, July 2018

Open House LMU Entrepreneurship Center

"Prototype Everything"

Munich, June 2018

Langenacht der Buzzwords


Erlangen, March 2018

Digital Health Callenge

"How to survive a Hackathon"

Munich, Jan 2018

Startup Day'n'Nite

"Prototype Everything"

Munich, Aug 2017

Burda Bootcamp Summer School

"Find and Evalauate Business Ideas"
"How to Pitch"

Bayreuth, June 2017

DLD Campus 2017

"Build A Chatbot – In 45 Minutes"

Munich, March 2017

Allianz X Cloud Days

"Cloud Services in Rapid Prototyping"

Munich, Jan 2017

Lean Startup Meetup

"The Pheonix Rising from the Ashes"

Munich, Oct 2016

The Startup and Corporate Exchange

"Creating an Innovation Ecosyston"

Karlsruhe, May 2015


"Hacking as a Competition"

Dharamshala, India , Nov 2014


"Capture the Flags 101"

Worms, May 2014


"Rapid Prototyping for Waerables"

Karslruhe, May 2013


"HowTo Gamejam"

Darmstadt, November 2012

MRMCD 2012

"You Are Hero!, Gamify your Real Life"